The new optical surface profilers TopMap Micro.View

When surface metrology becomes surface quality

For measuring the finest details in surfaces, the TopMap series of optical profiler systems are the preferred solution. From microscopes to macroscopes, Polytec has a product to meet the toughest of applications needs. Since 1967 Polytec has continued to deliver leading edge surface measurement technology. The latest generation optical profilers, the TopMap Micro.View and Micro.View+ offer unparalleled capabilities. Analyze all types of surfaces for roughness, microstructure wear, sealing performance and much more. The optical, non-contact topography measurement helps meet tight tolerances in precision engineering and raises quality control of functional surfaces to a whole new level. 

Reliable, precise, innovative 

Micro.View and Micro.View+ are the next generation optical surface profilers. Identify and document defects and visual distortions with the latest color information imaging analysis. Quantify surface topography with sub-nanometer resolution and capture the finest details reliably.

With the integrated CST Continuous Scanning Technology, the optical profiler uses the entire travel range for measuring smoothly and continuously. This means more positioning freedom, faster setup and less maintenance. 

Since all measurement environments are different, the modular concept of the Micro.View+ allows customization to comply with individual requirements and even transform into a fully automated in-line quality control system. 

The new optical surface profilers TopMap Micro.View and Micro.View+ analyze surface details such as roughness, texture and microstructures at nanometer resolution! Equipped with precision Z drive and the CST Continuous Scanning Technology, Micro.View uses the entire Z travel range as measurement range, while Focus Finder and Focus Tracker secure to keep the optimum focus point on the sample.