Join us for cutting-edge insights at the Technology Seminar in Plymouth, MI

Step into the forefront of technological innovation by attending our Technology Seminar in Plymouth, MI on Wed, August 14th, 2024. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV), surface metrology, and acoustic imaging as we explore how these groundbreaking technologies are transforming static and dynamic characterization in industries such as automotive, materials research, manufacturing, aerospace, NDT, ultrasonics and much more.

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Cost-effective vibrometer rental and attractive leasing program

Vibrometer rental presents a cost-effective solution to solve your short-term vibration measurement needs. Explore acoustics and dynamics with unparalleled accuracy using a device that offers laser precision for both field and lab settings. State-of-the-art vibrometer VibroGo® features a touch screen and auto focus, simplifying your measurement process. It boasts on-board storage for efficient monitoring and quick analysis of data. The device's wireless capabilities allow for remote control and measurement from any location.

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ProSpeed®: Optical length & speed sensors with enhanced connectivity

No contact, no slippage, no wear: ProSpeed® optical encoders measure reliably even on red-hot metals up to over 1.000°C, enabling reliable length verification, position tracking, speed synchronization and superior cut-to-length control. This new generation Laser Surface Velocimeters come with enhanced connectivity, multi-user access for up to 4 users, Ethernet/IP or Profinet protocols or classic analog or digital signals for PLC.

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Laser vibrometry focusing on the small details

Characterize small and delicate structures in a non-contact way. Analyze vibration, acoustics and dynamics. Measure biomedical samples, electronics components and microstructures like MEMS by light, without mass-loading, and from DC up to the GHz range on a large bandwidth. Laser vibrometers focus on the small details, measuring deflection shapes for model validation. They assess the frequency response and determine resonance frequency, impulse response and Q factor. No matter how big or small – Polytec vibrometers measure it!

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PolyLab educational program

Do you want to prepare your students for the cutting-edge technology they will encounter in the industry? While many engineering disciplines involve the study of vibro-acoustics, the cost constraints mean that numerous school labs today are equipped only with basic accelerometers and microphones. Our PolyLab & PolyLab+ educational programs aim to bridge this gap, offering students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art technology widely used in various industries.

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Areas of technology

Icon Vibrometry


Laser vibrometers developed and manufactured by Polytec define the globally recognized standard for optical vibration measurement. We provide our customers from a wide variety of industries a comprehensive range of solutions for almost any vibration-related challenge in research, development, production and condition monitoring. Laser Doppler vibrometers are precision measuring instruments for the examination of objects of almost any size and solve your task quickly, in a non-contact, non-destructive manner. 

Icon Velocimetry


When producing continuous material and piece goods, knowing the exact length and velocity is key if you are to optimize your costs and processes. Non-contact laser surface velocimeters make reliable process control possible, based on the laser-precise measurement of length and speed, even in harsh ambient conditions. Designed for their robustness, reliability and minimum maintenance requirements.

Surface Metrology

The TopMap surface measurement family can be used for characterization of rough, smooth or stepped surfaces using our innovative white light interferometry system for high precision and non-contact results.  Already used in laboratories worldwide for research and development, quality assurance and within production environments and directly on manufacturing lines. 

Icon Process Analytics

Process Analytics

Reducing costs while increasing quality, efficiency and output: Polytec provides spectroscopic measurement solutions for a wide range of routine analytical and/or industrial applications, from incoming material inspection through manufacturing processes and final product quality control. Fast, robust and precise near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer systems allow to determine the chemical composition and concentration of materials non-destructively and in real-time. This established technology is implemented in numerous industries for quality control applications.

Caméra acoustique


From NVH work to looking for frogs in the rainforest, acoustic imaging is the perfect tool for sound source localization. It is a quick and easy to use solution for not only localizing sound sources but also post measurement analysis.
With many different microphone array geometries and software modules to fit your application, it becomes the ideal tool for your measurement needs.

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Your new favorite web magazine is online! Read through user articles, research reports and technology trends, and experience measurement technology from all sides. With our filters and choices, you're guaranteed to find the professional articles that fascinate you the most.

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Next generation optical profilers

Our new generation of Polytec optical profilers for measuring roughness, waviness, step heights, and other surface parameters has arrived. Polytec now offers a wide range of advanced instruments for R&D and in-line quality control applications in industrial environment covering applications from large object profilometry to microscopic roughness and texture analysis.

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Polytec events

Visit Polytec around the world at trade fairs and conferences, or sign up to one of our online seminars, user meetings or customer seminars to find out more about the principles, advantages and various uses of optical measuring technologies!

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