PSV QTec - Reinventing full-field vibration mapping

The new PSV QTec Scanning Vibrometers make full-field vibration measurements up to 10 times faster. The patented QTec® multi-path interferometry eliminates the influence of rough technical surfaces on the signal quality and therefore measures reliably on all surfaces with low noise.

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德国 Polytec公司,专业从事激光测振仪的研发和制造超过54年,是全球公认的光学振动测量的行业标杆。Polytec激光测振仪种类齐全,已广泛地用于解决研究、开发、生产及状态监测等领域中复杂的振动问题。激光多普勒测振仪采用激光作为探测手段,无任何附加质量影响,且对被测结构的尺寸没有限制,非接触式高精度快速输出测量结果。




TopMap 系列的表面测量系统基于白光干涉测量法,它是创新性、高度精准、非接触式的三维工具,用于粗糙、光滑或阶梯状的表面。TopMap 系统在全球范围内用于测量实验室、生产环境以及直接嵌入生产线中,以保证质量安全。它还可以保证符合企业内部的形状和位置公差要求,并保证恒定的表面质量。


QTec® - Reinventing vibrometry

The brand-new, highly innovative and patented technology QTec® means reinventing laser vibrometry! QTec® eliminates the root cause of noise with engineered surfaces, resulting in highest optical sensitivity and best SNR for the most reliable measurement results no matter the sample surface.

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When surface metrology becomes surface quality

For measuring the finest details in surfaces, the TopMap series of optical profiler systems are the preferred solution. From microscopes to macroscopes, Polytec has a product to meet the toughest of applications needs.

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