4 Year Warranty

Our bonus for you is a 4-year warranty: For 2021 Polytec will deliver all newly purchased Vibrometers, Velocimeters and TopMap surface measurement systems with a 4-year warranty! The warranty period starts on the day of delivery and covers all defect repairs occurring during this period.

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Areas of technology


Laser vibrometers developed and manufactured by Polytec define the globally recognized standard for optical vibration measurement. We provide our customers from a wide variety of industries a comprehensive range of solutions for almost any vibration-related challenge in research, development, production and condition monitoring. Laser Doppler vibrometers are precision measuring instruments for the examination of objects of almost any size and solve your task quickly, in a non-contact, non-destructive manner. 


When producing continuous material and piece goods, knowing the exact length and velocity is key if you are to optimize your costs and processes. Non-contact laser surface velocimeters make reliable process control possible, based on the laser-precise measurement of length and speed, even in harsh ambient conditions. Designed for their robustness, reliability and minimum maintenance requirements.

Surface Metrology

The TopMap surface measurement family can be used for characterization of rough, smooth or stepped surfaces using our innovative white light interferometry system for high precision and non-contact results.  Already used in laboratories worldwide for research and development, quality assurance and within production environments and directly on manufacturing lines. 


QTec® - Reinventing vibrometry

The brand-new, highly innovative and patented technology QTec® means reinventing laser vibrometry! QTec® eliminates the root cause of noise with engineered surfaces, resulting in highest optical sensitivity and best SNR for the most reliable measurement results no matter the sample surface.

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When surface metrology becomes surface quality 

For measuring the finest details in surfaces, the TopMap series of optical profiler systems are the preferred solution. From microscopes to macroscopes, Polytec has a product to meet the toughest of applications needs.

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Polytec events

Visit Polytec around the world at trade fairs and conferences, or sign up to one of our online seminars, user meetings or customer seminars to find out more about the principles, advantages and various uses of optical measuring technologies!

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