Table-top optical surface profiler

TopMap Micro.View® is an easy to use and compact optical profiler. Combine exceptional performance and affordability with this powerful metrology solution. With an extended 100 mm Z measurement range and the CST Continuous Scanning Technology, Micro.View® measures complex topographies at nm resolution. This convenient table-top setup features integrated electronics, with the smart focus finder simplifying and speeding up the measurement procedure.


  • Measure surface finish in a compact setup
  • Non-contact measurement of 3D topography, roughness and texture
  • 100 mm z measurement range with CST Continuous Scanning Technology
  • Excellent lateral resolution
  • Choose from application-specific objectives

Small footprint with expanded capability

Benefit from the optional ECT Environmental Compensation Technology, securing reliable and accurate measurement results even in noisy and challenging production environments. Micro.View® is the cost-effective quality control instrument for inspecting precision engineered surfaces in both manufacturing and research.



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