Precise detection of length and speed on wood and construction materials

Precision and reliability regarding your length and speed control is key for efficient manufacturing and processing in the wood and construction materials industry. Even the slightest deviations can cause added material costs, and these can quickly add up. For that reason high-precision, non-contact measurement techniques are indispensable.

Polytec's laser surface velocimeters (LSVs) have been specially designed for high-precision velocity and length measurement. These LSVs provide you with reliable measurement data that you can easily integrate into your process control systems. Using an optical lenght and speed sensors from Polytec means increasing precision and thereby increasing the quantity and quality of your output. Your advantages: The non-contact measurement technique of Polytec LSV works on almost all surfaces without causing any damage. From cutting length control in glass wool right through to length measurement for roofing materials – Polytec systems ensure that you obtain the perfect configuration for every application.

ProSpeed® as the latest generation optical length and speed sensors support the wood and construction materials sector all around the globe in...

  • quality inspections and sorting of lumber
  • length cutting of insulation materials
  • length verification of plasterboards
  • and in many more applications.

Industrial length and speed control with optical sensors

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