Non-contact measurement of velocity and length in paper, cardboard and packaging production

Accurate and transparent length and speed measurement influences your entire manufacturing and processing for paper, cardboard ond more. Even smallest deviations cause added material costs, and these can quickly add up. This is where non-contact laser precision measurement with LSV laser-based length and speed sensors come into play.

Polytec's Laser Surface Velocimeters (LSVs) have been specially developed for high-precision measurement of length and speed in production processes. LSVs promise reliable measurement data from your manufacturing or packaging process as fundamental data for your process control systems. Relying on LSV lenght and speed sensors means increased measurement precision, leading to optimized quantity and quality of your output. Polytec' non-contact laser sensors works on almost all surfaces and rule out any chance of damaging the product surface like typical for tactile encoding devices. From precision position monitoring in printing processes right through to cutting length control for packaging materials – Polytec systems ensure that you obtain the perfect configuration for every application.

ProSpeed® optical length and speed sensors measure with the utmost reliability in companies all around the world and support manufacturing processes...

  • in paper factories
  • in printing processes
  • and many other paper, cardboard and packaging processes.

Industrial length and speed control with optical sensors