NIR spectroscopy for inline process control

Quality control and testing of raw materials and end products is essential in the manufacturing industry. The decisive advantage of process analytics is the automated real-time control of production processes. In addition to ensure a consistent product quality, the production process is monitored and optimized.

The application areas of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) range from food production and agricultural applications to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, petrochemicals, biotechnology, polymer production and plastics sorting in recycling operations. The goal of inline process analysis with NIR is to improve product quality, increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of using chemicals in the laboratory environment. NIR spectroscopy is useful in all phases of the production process: from inspection of raw materials to the monitoring of manufacturing processes and the quality assurance of manufactured products. Polytec demands of its spectrometer systems that they must adapt to the respective products and the existing production facilities - and not vice versa. Flexibility and customer-oriented solutions are the focus of Polytec's process spectrometers, so we can also find the optimal control system for your analysis needs.