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Non-contact measurement of speed and length for production control

In the production of strip material and continuous material, and piece goods, for example in steel or paper mills, knowing the exact strip length and the current velocity is essential for keeping costs low and optimizing quality and yield. ProSpeed® LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters from Polytec are optical sensors for the precise in-line monitoring of length and speed in production processes. ProSpeed® LSV laser sensors enable reliable process control based on laser-precise measurement of length and speed as integral part of the production line. Due to its non-contact measuring principle, Polytec laser velocimetry detects forward or backward motion, speed ad standstill condition without influencing the produced material, resulting in a highly robust metrology, providing stable measurement data even in very harsh production environments. LSV Laser Surface Velocimetry is the length and speed sensor technology that impresses with the highest precision for reliable production control, high robustness and low maintenance.

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Sensor solutions for tube & pipe production

Accuracy, versatility and reliability make the LSV Laser Surface Velocimeter the perfect sensor solution throughout the tube and pipe industry where precise, real-time speed and length data are critical. In addition, the optical sensors cut down production costs by minimizing material scrap and by optimizing product and process quality. Where to implement laser sensors in manufacturing processes of tubes and pipes?

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