Real-time temperature measurement with exceptionally clear view of your process

The XIR-1800 thermal imaging camera combines a spectacular HDR capability of 120+ dB in the near-infrared spectrum and offers image quality of metal joining processes far beyond what standard thermal imaging cameras or cameras in the visible wavelength range can achieve.

Improve your quality assurance and process control with calibrated thermal readings (350-1800°C) of melting and transition temperatures of most metals.

Real-time temperature measurement with Xiris XIR-1800


  • high-contrast, clear images of the welding arc or laser process, the melting bath and the surrounding material
  • False color heat map for monitoring important welding zones such as the melting bath, applied material and surrounding base material for process control and quality assurance. From ~ 250 to over 1.800°C
  • thermally calibrated temperature measurements in the range of 350 - 1.500 °C in thermal mode
  • Provides the ability to see through smoke or vapour to obtain exceptionally clear real-time views of metal additives or welding processes
  • Provides the ability to capture pulsating high-speed processes in real time with global shutter and high frame rates with or without triggering
  • Integration with Xiris WeldStudioTM 3 Pro, allowing multiple welding cameras (thermal or visual) and a Xiris welding microphone for data synchronization, recording and analysis to act comprehensively in a powerful software platform
  • C-mount lens connector for multiple lenses for every application