Deflect laser beams the quick and accurate way

Electro-optic deflectors are the fastest and most effective tools for changing the direction of laser beams. The deflectors continuously deflect a laser beam using predefined angle ranges (scanning) or implement fast switching between freely selectable deflection angles (random access) with extreme precision.

During this process, a special non-linear electro-optic effect in certain, well-defined cut crystals of selected transparent materials is used to produce a linear refractive index gradient that is proportional to the signal voltage present. When a laser beam passes the gradient in a perpendicular manner, it is deflected slightly, whereby the deflection angle can be controlled due to the externally applied voltage.


Electro-Optic Deflection Systems

Standard deflectors and models designed in an application-specific manner.

Deflector System for Optical Tweezers

Deflector for optical tweezers. The system contains two deflectors and one dual linear amplifier.

Nutator Deflector

The 412 model is a specially developed electro-optic nutator to deflect an optical beam into two orthogonal axes. The system is used to scan linearly polarized, collimated beams over the aperture of a focus lens at a wavelength of 1,550 nm.

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