laser modulator  input polarizer

Modulator input polarizer

An entrance polarizer is used to improve the purity of the laser beam entering the Pockels cell. The performance of the modulators, especially the extinction ratio and the transmission, depends on the correct alignment of the laser and its polarization.

laser modulator holder

Fixed height modulator holder

The fixed height modulator holder is available in central axis heights of 108.5 mm (4.25 inches) and 117.4 mm (4.625 inches).

Modulator holder with variable height

Modulator holder with variable height

With the variable height modulator holder, the central axis heights can be adjusted between 4.15 inches and 6.75 inches.

Laser beam blocker

The beam blocker allows an integrated solution that terminates the suppressed components of the polarizer. The innovative design eliminates the need for an external jet blocker and ensures a safer setup.

CSM Model 201 Power splitter

Laser attenuator / power splitter

The Laser Attenuator / Power Splitter allows the Ti: Sapphire laser beam to be split into 2 distinct beams and the power control of each one.





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