Use a single glass fiber as a signal path for thousands of measuring spots at the same time

Glass fibers are robust, suitable for everyday use and easy to install due to their small diameter. The systems are superior in situations where the weight or a high level of flexibility counts to reach inaccessible places or where you need many spots distributed across the fiber. A single fiber, weighing just a few grams, can therefore contain hundreds of sensors and serve as a signal path at the same time. Temperature profiles, for example, also provide you with support in

  • process monitoring in tube reactors (process engineering)
  • core drilling analyses (geodesy)
  • detecting leaks in cable shafts or on pipelines (safety engineering, fire protection)


Glass fibers are completely insensitive to electromagnetic radiation such as HF waves or microwaves. So, unlike electrical systems, they can also be used at high voltage potentials, in potentially explosive atmospheres and in chemically aggressive environments without any risk.

The single-point sensor, which is located at the tip of the fiber as a low-cost solution, is characteristic especially for temperature measurement.

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