User-friendly recording, calculation and analyzation of temperature data

ENLIGHT, the sensor analysis software from Micron Optics, is included in the Micron Optics interrogators and contains tools for data acquisition, calculation and analysis of optical sensor networks.

ENLIGHT combines the useful functions of conventional sensor software with the special requirements of an optical sensor system. The optical properties can be easily optimized in the design and implementation phase of a sensor system. The intuitive user guidance and additional graphic and data visualization functions simplify the application.

ENLIGHT offers the basic functions of the interrogator configuration, the acquisition of wavelengths, saving and visualization as well as some advanced functions:

  •     Conversion of optical parameters into technical units
  •     Optimization of sensor detection
  •     Definition and management of optical sensors
  •     Real-time processing of sensor data (including averaging, referencing and normalization)
  •     Comprehensive data storage and display
  •     Setting and management of warning and alarm conditions
  •     On-board module diagnosis collection
  •     ENLIGHT Remote Command Interface


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