Highly sensitive to implants

Historically, strictly complying with a defined level of surface roughness has been the only way of inserting implants without any complications. That is why, to achieve this level of quality, it is immensely important to check the results using precise surface measurement systems after what can sometimes be a time-consuming surface treatment process. Form deviations or roughness outside of defined tolerances can be extremely unpleasant in the sensitive inner mouth area, where dental implants come into contact with both the gums and microorganisms. In certain cases, some surfaces need to be given special treatment if the desired properties are to be achieved. “Organic coatings” increase the implants’ durability. Polytec’s range of precise surface metrology products helps you to detect deviations and thereby achieve the desired surface condition.


另一个敏感的例子是关节植入物。身体接受而非简单拒绝植入物的唯一方式是假设植入物具有完美的表面特性。如果人工关节表面过于粗糙,形成不良微生物的概率就会增加。相比之下,抛光过程中的缺点可能会对植入物的使用寿命产生负面影响。使用 Polytex 的 TopMap 表面测量系统是确保每次都能找到完美“中间地带”的理想方式。

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