Hallo Frau Lang, 

über TYPO3 und die Extension welche die Bilder in WebP-Format umschreiben haben wir inzwischen tatsächlich einen ganz guten automatischen Mechanismus, der die Performance trotz großer Bilder gewährleistet. Die Ext. formatiert Bilder im Content - aber keine Hintergrundbilder (zum Beispiel die großem im Header über die ganze Breite)

Es ist auch ohne Extension so, dass TYPO3 quasi die Bilder nur in der Größe rendert, in der sie im FE ausgespielt werden - hier kommt es auf die Breakpoints an (large, medium, small, evtl weitere). So kann es sein, dass im Tablet das Bild vollflächig ausgegeben wird und mehr KB gerendert werden als für Desktop. 

Jetzt zur eigentlichen Frage, ob Sie die Bilder überarbeiten müssen:
Ich würde sagen machen Sie nur wirklich sehr große Bilder und in einem Rahmen der auch ertragbar ist. Wenn Sie jetzt über 150 Bilder bearbeiten müssten, dann würde ich sagen verzichten wir darauf. Wichtig ist trotzdem, dass alle Editoren zumindest beim Upload neuer Bilder weiterhin darauf achten und wenigstens dann die Regel beacten. Es ist nämlich trotzdem ein Unterschied, ob man beim Abspeichern auf die Korrekte Größe und Qualität achtet oder ob man es dem System überlässt. 
Un dam Ende kann man auch sagen jedes KB zählt, wenn es mit wenig Aufwand eingespart werden kann :)

VG, Melissa Eisele

Today Polytec specializes in the technological fields of

  • Vibrometry
  • Velocimetry
  • 3D Surface Metrology
  • Process Analytics
  • Image Processing
  • and other optical systems.

The development and production of innovative measurement systems as well as the distribution of excellent high-tech products from renowned manufacturers continue to form the basis for the continued growth of the company. Contract measurements and system rental round off our extensive range of services.

Polytec know-how is therefore in demand across a range of sectors: Whether it’s used in the aerospace, medical, nanotechnology or mechanical engineering segment, our measuring technology helps companies to assert and build upon their technological leadership. Users rely on our measurement technology when it comes to measuring sensitive production processes, products or procedures. 

For us, customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority. That is why we ensure a worldwide presence with a series of branches. This means our users can benefit from first-class service wherever Polytec products are used. On-site support helps us guarantee reliable measurement results to facilitate the increased competitiveness and continued growth of our customers.

Your distribution partner for Europe

Polytec has been a laser product distributor since its founding. With 50 years of experience in application consultancy, distribution and servicing for optical measurement technology and outstanding market expertise, we know the needs and concerns of our partners – not least as a manufacturer of our own top-quality products, which we also distribute worldwide through a variety of dealers.

We speak the language of our customer and are capable of getting to grips with new technologies quickly. Those are the prerequisites for providing complex consultancy services for products which require explanation!

Have a look at our flyers and get to know our distribution partners in Europe.

Polytec as distributor


Innovative from the very outset

Heinz G. Lossau, a physicist, realized very early on the potential lasers harbor for measuring technology. Back in 1967, shortly after laser light was put to commercial use, he founded the company Polytec in Waldbronn, Baden-Württemberg, at the foot of the Black Forest near Karlsruhe – and this is still where the company headquarters are located even today.

As a pioneer in commercial laser technology, Polytec offered products and solutions for industry and research for the first time ever in Germany. The contactless measuring technology formed the starting point for a multitude of developments. And that’s why Heinz G. Lossau set up his very own Development department in addition to the sales facilities shortly after founding the company. And he did so with great success, too. Indeed, in 1971, Polytec unveiled the first-ever “made in Germany” optical Fourier spectrometer for the far-infrared range. Soon after, it started developing the first-ever Polytec laser vibrometer, which is a success story that continues even up to the present day. Nowadays, our customers buy Polytec products through subsidiaries in the UK, France, Japan, China, Singapore and the US, as well as through a global network of sales partners. Polytec has been ISO-certified since 1994, most recently pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001.

DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate


R&D 100 Award

MPV-800 Multipoint Vibrometer


RedDot Design Award

TMS-500 TopMap


Finalist SPIE Prism Award

MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer


MessTec & Sensor Masters Award

HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer


Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg – Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize

MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer


AMA Innovation Award

MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer


Industry Award

UHF-120 Ultra High Frequency Vibrometer


Nominated for the European Business Award

UHF-120 Ultra High Frequency Vibrometer


MessTec & Sensor Masters Award

PSV-A-440 Optical Derotator