Reliable and quick microsystem optimization

Detailed assessment of Polytec offers a wide range of suitable products to characterize a multitude of different microelectromechanical systems – known as MEMS for short – such as accelerometers, pressure sensors, RF filters, labs-on-a-chip, gyroscopes and many more. They combine speed and precision with simple operability. You can use these products to reliably analyze the step height, parallelism, flatness and form.

Even structures in the µm range can be measured with no problem with the microscope-based systems of the TopMap product line thanks to excellent lateral and vertical resolution. Also benefiit from outstanding z-axis resolution with for MEMS and sensor packaging characterization. If static measurement results are not sufficient for you, then you would be better opting for the Polytec MSA Micro System Analyzer for dynamic measurements. In addition to using it for surface metrology operations, you can use it to characterize mechanical in-plane and out-of-plane resonances too.