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As a pioneer in optical measurement technology based in southern Germany, Polytec GmbH focuses on sustainable industrial partnerships - particularly in the field of optical speed and length sensors for industrial process control. Our comprehensive services serve the core requirements of any manufacturing industry:

  • Responsibility
  • Precision
  • Reliability

Join the transformation of production processes, stay future-proof and secure your leading position in challenging markets.


Our PolyXpert services measure customer satisfaction

3 year warranty incl. laser diode

Polytec stands behind the durability and performance of its optical sensors by offering an industry-leading 3-year warranty. This reflects our confidence in the quality and longevity of our products.

Besprechung Machbarkeitsstudie
Wir bündeln die relevanten Messergebnisse Ihrer Machbarkeitsstudie im Detail so für Sie, dass wir eine gemeinsame Diskussionsgrundlage haben für das unverbindliche abschließende Gespräch.

Swift reaction times

We stand by your side, proved by our typical reaction times below 4hrs per phone, 24hrs per e-mail and onsite support scheduled on request. We set your demands of modern production environments as our priority.

Logistics, warehouse and stock of sensor exchange parts
Logistics, warehouse and stock of sensor exchange parts

Always ready - sensor exchange program

Our sensor exchange program ensures continuous production by providing a seamless and efficient process for replacing sensors - usually within 24 hours (plus shipping, transition etc). When it comes down to issues, we help minimize disruptions and hold up your productivity.

Calibration of Polytec Instruments
Calibration of Polytec Instruments

Commissioning, onsite support & trainings

Planning your next project and need assistance during early stages? We help you early on with our widespread application expertise and knowledge of industrial processes. Ask for a demonstration and onsite proof-of-concept. We are ready to assist you in custom integration, using a vast portfolio of application-specific accessories to really match the needs of your production line. We also help you with professional commissioning onsite and support you from mechanical through data integration.

ProSpeed LSV-2100 laser sensor for industrial length and speed control
ProSpeed LSV-2100 laser sensor for industrial length and speed control

Schedule your calibration & maintenance

Uncompromised quality management, compliance according to ISO:9001 or others? Plan your next move and stay on the safe side. Scheduled calibration and repair is usually done in two working days. We offer calibration services, and ongoing maintenance support to guarantee the optimal performance of our optical sensors. 


Our global team shows an average of over 10 years of experience in the field, bringing unparalleled knowledge in a broad variety of industries. Upon request we also offer worldwide trainings to share our knowledge and experience and help you make the most of your investment.


Proof of concept & live demonstration

Join us in transforming your production processes and securing your leading position in challenging markets. Live and onsite demonstrations and measurement data provide transparency, revealing what is possible. We measure process optimization - test it!