Disinfect the quick and easy way

With the help of Polytec Xenon systems, you can swiftly disinfect surfaces with ease. Using these pulsed XENON UV sources reduces the number of existing germs and pathogens to an order of log 3 to log 6 within seconds. The intense pulses of light destroy the bacteria’s DNA by means of photochemical, photophysical and photothermal modes of action. Unlike conventional UV sources, the peak energy of several megawatts is so high here that the nucleic acid’s repair mechanisms are rendered ineffective – making the impact on the DNA irreversible.

Lab System

The SteriPulse system is made up of a table-top controller and a stainless steel chamber with a linear lamp and a fan unit to cool the lamp. You control the device using the operating elements on the front panel or using an external controller box. Safety switches on the chamber prevent you from being exposed to the UV light. An optional LightMark XL sensor monitors the light intensity of the single pulses.


Systems for production & conveyors

CIXL entry level system for industrial applications

CIXL integrates all system components such as xenon lamp, power supply, optics and cooling in a food-grade stainless steel housing with a quartz glass window. It is made for fixed installations in the process, or for conveyor belt assembly, and can be operated both as a stand-alone system and in combination with several systems, e.g. to avoid shadowing or to increase production speed. The 11-inch flash lamp has an output of up to 100 J/pulse at a frequency of 3 Hz. Pulse energy, duration and frequency can be varied for your own application.

Overview (PDF)

Datasheet (PDF)

Z-2000 system for food conveyors

The stainless steel system consists of a food-grade controller and lamp housing. It is designed to comply with IP67 and NEMA 4X standards and is therefore also suitable for wet environments. The flashlamps are mercury-free and can be accessed without tools for servicing. The system is scalable and can be adapted easily to belt speeds and widths. It can be installed on existing conveyor systems without interfering with the process.

SteriPulse for pilot lines or production

Here, you can assemble the lamp housing directly above a conveyor belt or other production equipment; the controller can still be controlled manually as well as automatically.


System for device integration (OEM)

The modular SteriPulse-units can be integrated perfectly into production facilities. Control takes place automatically by means of the PLC input. The optional LightMark light monitor monitors the lamp intensity as well as the quartz glass window in front of the lamp. Dual lamp systems make scalability easier for you.

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