Areal sintering with outstanding uniformity 

The S-2210 is ideal for areal applications up to 150 x 150 mm effective area at high light intensity and outstanding uniformity of 3%. The system closes a gap in the Xenon sintering system series, which is now fully integrated from the X-1100 low cost device for benchtop R & D applications to the universal system S-2200. The versatile adjustable parameters enable the system to process nano-inks over pastes on heat-sensitive substrates up to photovoltaic thin-films.


  • Max. effective area: 150 x 150 mm 
  • Maximum pulse energy: 18 kJ / cm2
  • Pulse duration: 100 - 5000 µs
  • Light uniformity: 3 %
  • Touch Screen operation
  • Up to 40 individual pulse energies programmable
  • 100 pulse profiles / pulse sequences programmable
  • Modular extension for lager effective areas / higher throughput possible 

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