Swift intensity modulation on the entire laser beam

All of the electro-optic modulators listed here are of the transverse field type, where the electric field generated by the signal voltage runs perpendicular to the direction of optical distribution. The voltage fluctuation, which is required by a given modulator at a predetermined wavelength for passage between the disconnected and the connected state, is known as “half-wave voltage” (V½).


MPM Modulator System

Modulator solution for multi-photon microscopy (MPM).

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MPM UV Modulator System

Modulator solution for ultraviolet multi-photon microscopy (UV MPM).

High-Frequency Phase Modulator System

High-frequency phase modulator for up to 500 MHz.

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Phase Modulation System

High-quality phase modulator.

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Phase Modulator System for the PDH Method

A specially developed phase modulator for the Pound-Drever-Hall method.

Modulator Locking System for Single-Molecule Fluorescence Polarization

A specially developed modulator locking system for single-molecule fluorescence polarization.

Modulator Locking System for High-Performance Laser Processing

A specially developed modulator locking system for high-performance laser processing.

Modulator System for TDTR

A specially developed modulator for time-domain thermoreflectance (TDTR).

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