MSA-600 Micro System Analyzer

Measuring 3D dynamics and topography of MEMS and microsystems

Measuring 3D dynamics and topography of MEMS

Surface topography and dynamic motion analysis and visualization are key to testing and developing microstructures such as MEMS devices (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). They are indispensable for validating FE calculations, determining cross-talk effects and measuring surface deformation.

All-in-one optical measurement solution for MEMS

The MSA-600 Micro System Analyzer is the all-in-one optical measurement workstation for characterizing surface topography as well as in-plane and out-of-plane motions. This instrument delivers increased measurement flexibility and precision, adapting to the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s microstructures. The Micro System Analyzer provides precise 3D dynamic and static response data that increases device performance while reducing development and manufacturing costs. Thus it enhances and shortens design cycles, simplifies trouble shooting and improves yield. 

The high-performance laser Doppler vibrometer delivers fast, real-time response measurement with sub-pm displacement resolution. And the white-light interferometer option provides millions of 3D surface data in seconds. Complemented by its straightforward operation and intuitive user interface, the MSA-600 is the powerful optical measurement solution in research, development (R&D) and quality control (QC). Compatible with common probe stations, the micro system analyzer helps you in all stages of development – from MEMS prototyping to testing and troubleshooting – and thus helps you to cut production costs and also shorten the time to market.

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Wafer-level and single-die testing

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