Vibration Measurement

Measure on any surface including ultra light weight, fragile and hot:

  • From near to hundreds of feet away
  • From MEMS devices to very large parts
  • Frequency range from DC to 6 GHz
  • Single to thousands of measurement points

Surface Metrology

Non-contact topography measurements:

  • Flatness, form parameters and more
  • Step-heights, cone angles
  • Roughness, texture, waviness
  • Parallelism

Acoustic Imaging

Reveal hard to detect sound sources:

  • Buzz, squeak and rattle
  • Leak detection
  • Ultrasonic sources
  • Transient events

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Unlock the full potential of your project with Polytec's expert-driven testing services and extensive equipment range. Whether you are delving into vibration testing, surface metrology, acoustics, length & speed measurement, or chemical analysis, our team is equipped to assist. Utilize our advanced technology and the expertise of our professionals to ensure precise and reliable results. With Polytec, you gain access to a world of measurement solutions, all tailored to meet the exact needs of your project. Let us be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of testing and analysis, and watch as we transform challenges into opportunities for innovation.

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Areal optical measurement of a coating, revealing 10 μm wide and 2 μm deep defects

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Automated experimental modal analysis as a measurement service

Analyze the true dynamic behavior of lightweight structures, in this case the E-Genius electric-powered motor-glider, without contact. PSV Polytec Scanning Vibrometers allow a reliable experimental modal testing and model validation, without mass-loading nor influence on the test results. Besides the full PSV-3D vibration measurement system, the RoboVib® Structural Test Station allows for automating the experimental modal test. By scanning the entire sample surface in 3D, the validation of FE simulation models becomes more reliable which is a significant time-saver for test engineers and product development as a whole.

Testing service and measurement equipment rental

Utilize Polytec for efficient outsourcing of your measurement tasks or rent our state-of-the-art instruments to reduce ownership costs, especially for infrequent testing. Receive prompt, precise reports from our PolyXperts. Our facilities, including the RoboVib® Test Station lab, offer comprehensive support and on-site consulting. Benefit from remote testing capabilities via video conferencing, allowing for testing component submission and participation without travel.

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