In the aerospace industry research and development is crucial as failure of components can have major implications. Understanding how components of an aircraft behave and react in situations must be studied. Some of the testing needs come in the form of acoustic testing. Being able to identify a sound source can help determine a part failure. There is also the passenger comfort to take into consideration. The Acoustic Camera can help with both.

Cabin noise

When flying the skies in comfort, no one wants to deal with an aircraft that can’t keep the immense noise from flooding the cabin. With our 3D arrays, a single test flight recording can reveal a wealth of information about which portions of the cabin walls are the loudest and letting in the most noise from the outside.

Environmental noise

Jet engines are acoustic behemoths. Whether evaluating performance from the ground level or measuring the exhaust from the ground in a flyover test, the Acoustic Camera is able to evaluate jet noise and its radiation effects from any perspective.

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