Optical profilers based on white-light interferometry (WLI)

Optical profilers from Polytec are innovative, high-precision and non-contact sensor systems for characterizing the entire surface topography of a workpiece or microstructures in 3D. The TopMap line of optical profilers are based on the principle of white-light interferometry, also known as coherent or vertical scanning interferometry or coherence radar. With their large vertical range, nanometer resolution and the ability of areal measurement for large samples or multi-sample measurements in a single shot, these optical profilers are perfect for measurement laboratories or production testing needs. Use TopMap optical profilers for non-contact fast and reliable measurement of surface parameters such as flatness, step height and parallelism of large sample structures.

Free guide on how to: Measurement System Analysis

Every measurement - whether with tactile or optical surface profilers - is subject to uncertainty. The measured values obtained are the basis for quality-controlled production and are thus a key component of quality assurance. However, the correctness of any conclusion drawn by a measurement depends not only on the suitability of the parameter, but also on how accurately and how reliably the measured values reflect the real conditions. Only if the measured value can be determined with a sufficiently small uncertainty in relation to the tolerance of the characteristic, the measurement process is suitable for the inspection task. This paper describes approaches and helpful capability figures of Measurement System Analysis (MSA).

Read in the free guide how to deal with measurement uncertainty for your Quality Assurance!

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