3D vibration measurement for MEMS and microsystems 

Real objects’ vibrations are usually three-dimensional. While you can indeed show preferential directions, production tolerances and other influences lead to movement components in other spatial directions too. You can use the MSA-100-3D Micro System Analyzer to analyze your sample’s dynamic behaviour in an integrated way, over a wide bandwidth and in real time. The vibration components in all three spatial directions are recorded simultaneously in high resolution and are analyzed as an integrated data record. You achieve the sub-picometer amplitude resolution typical of laser vibrometers regardless of the direction of vibration.


  • Vibration measurement in real time with a high bandwidth of up to 25 MHz
  • Sub-picometer amplitude resolution for both out-of-plane and in-plane movements
  • Both single point and full-field measurements
  • Small laser spot of less than 4 μm enables maximum lateral resolution
  • Large stand-off distances of 38 mm
  • Compatible with common MEMS probe stations

Because real life happens in 3D

Together with the high lateral resolution caused by a microscopic laser spot and the frequency bandwidth of up to 25 MHz, the Polytec MSA-100-3D is the ideal measuring device for characterizing microelectromechanical sensors and actuators (MEMS), other microstructures and biological samples. For full-field characterization the MSA-100-3D analyzes samples over the entire surface by having the software scan the sample and then graphically represent the deflection shapes.

Accessories and components

Tripods, test stands, positioning stages

A-STD-TST-01 Test Stand

Test stand providing ample workspace. With motorized z-axis, travel range 200 mm.

A-STD-BAS-02 Base Stand

Rigid support for the sensor head. Includes manual focus block with 100 mm travel range with coarse and fine drive. Interfaces to commercially available optical tables.

A-STD-F50 Focus Block

Travel Range 50 mm. With coarse and fine drive for manual z-axis adjustment of the sensor head. Interfaces with commercially available wafer probe stations.

Vibration isolation, breadboards

A-TAB-AIR-01 Active Vibration Isolation Table

Air-damped vibration isolation table with active level adjustment. Compatibility: A-STD-TST-01 Test Stand, A-STD-BAS-02 Base Stand.

A-TAB-ELC-01 Active Vibration Isolation Table

Electronically controlled voice coil stabilization for highest isolation performance. Compatibility: A-STD-TST-01 Test Stand, A-STD-BAS-02 Base Stand.

A-WST-001 Workstation

Workstation for use with Polytec's A-TAB-AIR-01 and A-TAB-ELC-01 Active Vibration Isolation Tables.

Breadboard for optical testing of MEMS and microstructures with MSA Micro System Analyzers from Polytec
Breadboard for optical testing of MEMS and microstructures with MSA Micro System Analyzers from Polytec

A-BBO-ME02 Breadboard

Breadboard with metric hole pattern. Footprint 900 mm x 600 mm. Compatibility: A-STD-BAS-02 Base Stand.

A-AVI-MELA Active Vibration Isolation Breadboard

Electronically controlled for highest vibration isolation performance. With metric hole pattern. Footprint 600 x 800 mm. Compatibility: A-STD-BAS-02 Base Stand.

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