QTec® benefits

The highly innnovative, patented technology is a game changer. QTec® improves measurement results for any surface.

  • Measure on ANY surface with the highest signal-to-noise (SNR)
  • Works from up close to very far away
  • Clean data, reduced averages and significantly faster
  • Outperforms IR vibrometers every time

Do you have questions about QTec®?

We can measure it!

Dark surfaces, even while they are rotating. We can measure it.

Extremely high or low temperature surface. We can measure it.

Near or far away. We can measure it.

Lightweight or fragile. We can measure it.

Small or delicate. We can measure it.

Under water, in vacuum, through glass. We can measure it.

QTec® - Reinventing vibrometry

QTec® reinvents laser vibrometry by eliminating the root cause of noise delivering superior optical sensitivity, enabling high-fidelity measurements on all surfaces. In order to achieve this, QTec vibrometers use an innovative multi-path interferometer utilizing the highest quality signal of each path to reach the best results. This patented technology is combined with the well-proven infrared Xtra sensor design for faster, easier measurements and a consistent result.

QTec® - Simplified principle of multipath laser vibrometry

Any questions about the QTec® multipath interferometry?

Ultra-fast electronics in the sensor head weight the detected signals in real-time and only the best part of the signal is transferred to a common output, making QTec® sensor heads compatible to current single channel vibrometer decoders.
The capability of QTec®  to measure independently of the surface properties makes it a safe choice for all applications providing fast, easy, robust results.

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