Next generation optical surface profiler 

TopMap Micro.View+ is the next generation optical surface profiler. Designed for modularity, this comprehensive workstation allows for customized and application-specific configurations. The Micro.View + delivers the most detailed analysis of surface roughness, texture and microstructure topography. Combine 3D data with color information for amazing visualizations and extended analysis like detailed documentation of defects. The high-resolution 5 MP camera delivers incredibly detailed 3D data visualization of engineered surfaces.


  • High-end white-light interferometer with nm resolution
  • 100 mm z measurement range with CST Continuous Scanning Technology
  • With Focus Finder and Focus Tracker ready for automation
  • Motorized X, Y, Z, tip/tilt and turret save repositioning
  • Color information mode for extended analysis and documentation of defects
  • Modular, application-specific configurations

Automation enabled and production-ready

The encoded and motorized turret secures a seamless transition between objectives. Micro.View®+ features the latest Focus Finder plus Focus Tracker, keeping the surface in focus at all circumstances. The fully motorized sample positioning stages allow for stitching and automation.

Characterize small details and microstructures in 3D, evaluate areal surface roughness Sa with sub-nm resolution and evaluate even steep angles with interferometric precision. Micro.View and Micro.View+ are surface profilers based on Coherence Scanning Technology (CSI) offering an excellent vertical resolution regardless the objective magnification. With Continuous Scanning Technology (CST), 100 mm Z-travel and an equal 100 mm vertical measuring range, up to 5 MP camera, a variety of objectives from 2.5X (0.6X!) to 111X including long working distance options and glass compensation, and preset ISO parameters including ISO 25178, ASME B46.1, ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ISO 21920... 


TopMap Micro.View: Next generation optical surface profiling

Free guide on how to: Measurement System Analysis

Every measurement - whether with tactile or optical surface profilers - is subject to uncertainty. The measured values obtained are the basis for quality-controlled production and are thus a key component of quality assurance. However, the correctness of any conclusion drawn by a measurement depends not only on the suitability of the parameter, but also on how accurately and how reliably the measured values reflect the real conditions. Only if the measured value can be determined with a sufficiently small uncertainty in relation to the tolerance of the characteristic, the measurement process is suitable for the inspection task. This paper describes approaches and helpful capability figures of Measurement System Analysis (MSA).

Read in the free guide how to deal with measurement uncertainty for your Quality Assurance!

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