IVS-500 Industrial Vibration Sensor

Acoustic quality control with laser precision

Acoustic quality control with laser precision

The new IVS-500 Industrial Vibration Sensor is the key to fast acoustic quality inspection, structure-borne noise analysis and reliable pass-fail decisions. This Laser sensor measures reliably, in demanding industrial environments, without contact and therefore without wear and on virtually all surfaces. Costs and yields are therefore optimized by reducing false rejects in the production and assembly process.

Cost-efficient and flexible industrial quality assurance

The simple setup and ruggedized sensor design of the IVS-500 enable a smooth integration into production test systems. Complemented with the software tool QuickCheck, Polytec offers a comprehensive solution for reliable pass/fail analysis.

The IVS-500 comes as compact all-in-one with decoding electronics integrated into the sensor. Several models can be selected depending on your application – from low to ultrasonic frequencies and from low to high velocities. The optional remote and auto focus allow you to adapt to different sample geometries and guarantee the best signal-to-noise ratio for each sample tested.

All IVS-500 models feature an analog measured velocity output, which is compatible with standard data acquisition hardware and can be controlled via the serial interface from a computer or the PLC (programmable logic controller).

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Acoustic quality control with laser precision

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