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Become an expert with IVS-500 Industrial Vibration Sensors

The IVS-500 Industrial Vibration Sensor from Polytec is a dedicated and flexible measuring device for the vibroacoustic end-of-line test. With customer requirements of quiet products as quality indicator, the requirements regarding sensor solutions for the underlying production testing increase, too. Especially in noisy production environment, manufacturers face the challenge of selecting a suitable, efficient and reliable sensor for troubleshooting, acoustics testing and noise analysis.

For starters, current users, integrators & testing experts

This exclusive section (login) provides an overview and basics of optical and non-contact acoustic testing using laser vibrometers, featuring tips & tricks and step-by-step video tutorials for the use and handling of the IVS-500 Industrial Vibration Sensor - for starters, current users, integrators and experts.


This exclusive section shows the basics of optical vibration measurement with an industrial vibrometer, demonstrating the significant advantages for acoustic quality control. Benefit from a benchmark and comparison to alternative technologies.

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These tutorial videos offer practical tips & tricks from our application engineers, helping to get familiar with specific applications and operation of the IVS-500 sensor.

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IVS-500 Industrial Vibration Sensor

The Industrial Vibration Sensor is key to fast and non-contact vibro-acoustic quality inspection, structure-borne noise analysis and reliable pass-fail decisions. Its robust and compact design means you can optimally integrate it into process control systems and production environments with very short cycle times. The vibrometer is wear-free and saves you from using expensive servo-mechanisms or noise protection cabins.

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