Efficiently measuring MEMS right on the wafer

Wafer-level testing prior to separating the chips allows the sorting-out of bad dies in an early stage of the production process, which helps significantly to keep MEMS production costs low while maintaining high yield and quality levels. While electrical test procedures are standard here, certain tasks are necessary to verify directly the mechanical function, typically by optical measurement.

With Polytec solutions and the MSA Micro System Analyzer product line integrated into virtually all commercially available wafer probes, the comprehensive and reliable testing begins. By combining a (semi)-automatic probe station with a microscope-based scanning laser vibrometer, efficiently and quickly measure the dynamic behavior of MEMS right on the wafer. Achieve higher throughput and use it as key tool for monitoring the production process.

Time domain of switching behavior of RF switches

Time domain measurement of RF-MEMS switches on wafer level

Microstructure characterization

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