Lightweight Co-Aligned VNIR / SWIR system without drone

Coordinated hyperspectral cameras VNIR and SWIR in a lightweight housing for airborne applications in a spectral range from 400 to 2500 nm.


  • Airworthy broadband dual hyperspectral camera 400-1000nm and 900 - 2500nm
  • Onboard data storage
  • GPS / GNSS / INS position sensor for flight parameter control and image correction
  • Hyperspec III and Spectral View software for flight planning, postprocessing and orthorectification, spectral classification and analysis, integration of geospatial and hyperspectral data (GoogleMaps overlay).
  • Radiometric calibration of camera and lens
  • Calibrated reference tarp (9m², white and 2 gray values)
  • 1 year technical support



  • Exploration for surface mining
  • Inventory of environmental damage / pollution
  • Remote sensing
  • Archeology

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