Electrical Layer Characterization

Mercury contact CV and IV measuring devices from Polytec open up to you the sheer diversity of electrical characterization of a wide range of layers such as oxides, dielectrics, layers on conductive and insulating substrates or of SOI wafers.

The special scan head concept offers you a repeatable and precise, defined contact area variable, combined with outstanding safety and tidiness when handling mercury, the contact material. Depending on the application, you can implement an extremely wide range of contact geometries.

The multitude of possible measurement methods allows you to characterize a wide range of samples, such as.

  • Monitoring Oxide Integrity and Quality
  • Creating Doping Profiles
  • Measuring Charge Carrier Service Lives
  • Determining the Resistances of Practically Insulating Materials
  • Characterizing SOI Structures
  • Examining Ferroelectric Materials
  • Characterizing Polysilicon

Rectangular pulses are used to measure the practically static and HF capacities. To name but one example, the advantages lie in the insensitivity to the series resistance.

Connections for existing external HF sinusoidal sources increase flexibility in use.

Manual Measuring Station

CV92M model

Manual measuring station with proven safe and reproducible contact with mercury.

The measuring station is used for contact with the sample and provides the necessary connections for operation with existing CV and IV measuring devices.

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Mapping up to 8 Inches

CVmap92A/B model

Mapping systems with the proven safe handling of mercury for wafers up to 200 mm in diameter. In addition to the conventional high-frequency measurement with sinusoidal signals, rectangular and deep-pulse measurement methods are also available.

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Mapping up to 12 Inches

The models, which are suitable for 300 mm wafers, can be equipped with fully automatic “cassette-to-cassette” wafer handling as an optionThe models, which are suitable for 300 mm wafers, can be equipped with fully automatic “cassette-to-cassette” wafer handling as an option.

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