Strain measurement systems with continuous measurement along the fiber 

Record Strain Profiles Measuring up to 50 km

In the case of systems that measure in a dispersed manner, no sensors have to be incorporated into the fiber. Instead, backscattered light is evaluated by the fiber material itself so as to obtain the desired temperature information. These systems are based on the evaluation of Rayleigh scattering and enable the recording of strain profiles along the glass fiber up to millimeter resolution and along sections measuring up to 50 km long. So virtually every point of the glass fiber becomes the sensor. Conventional methods require hundreds or thousands of conventional strain gauges for this purpose, which calls for an immense amount of time and effort to be spent on installation.

To measure strain, the glass fiber requires direct contact with the inspection object so as to transfer its length or location changes 1:1.

Depending on the interrogator (readout system) used and the application, these may be low-cost conventional standard glass fibers or even custom-made ones produced by Polytec to suit your individual requirements.

Product selection 

fTB 5020

Measurement system for long ranges up to 50 km

  • measurement distance up to 50 km
  • thousands of sensors in one fiber
  • strain range ± 3%
  • strain resolution ± 2 microstrain
  • spacial resolution down to 20 cm (depending on measurement distance)
  • spacial accuracy 5 cm
  • measuring rate up to 20 s (depending on measurement distance)
  • use of standard single mode fibers
  • free configurable sensor positions
  • automatic long term measurements possible

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ODiSI 7000

Measurement system for ranges up to 100 m

  • for strain and temperature measurement
  • fiber length up to 300 m per channel, max. 200 m rugged stand off cable and 100 m sensor cable length
  • max. 8 channels (hundred thousands of sensor points)
  • strain range +/- 12.000 microstrain
  • strain resolution +/– 1 Microstrain
  • minimal sensor distance 0,65 mm
  • measurement rates 250 Hz max.
  • optional 19"  interrrogator (appropriate for rack mount)
  • high reliability and repeatability


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OBR 4600

Measurement system for ranges up to 2 km

  • Optical reflection reflectometer
  • Fiber lengths up to 2 km
  • Thousands of sensors in one fiber
  • Measuring range +/- 1250 µ strain
  • Resolution: max. +/- 1 µ strain
  • Measuring speed: up to 3 Hz
  • Use of standard glass fibers
  • Freely configurable sensor positions and lengths
  • Recommended local resolution: +/-1 cm

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