NIR spectrometer from Polytec

New Polytec NIR spectrometers

Polytec has upgraded their PSS line of NIR spectrometers:  The new PAS spectrometers are based on improved electronics, but the identical optical configuration.  The design and testing have shown that PAS and PSS spectrometers are completely interchangeable in current installations. 

The new PAS spectrometers are based on updated electronics with a more advanced processor and other changes.  These changes will allow improved data read out and a longer service lifetime.

Compatibility with current models for application

For the past year, the new PAS spectrometers have been beta-tested with customers who have over ten years of experience internationally using hundreds of Polytec systems.  Careful side-by-side testing for multiple components with multiple types of samples confirmed that, as expected, the results generated from the new PAS systems are indistinguishable from legacy PSS system results.  

All the system’s optics, software, and digital interfacing are unchanged.  PSS sensor heads are unchanged and fully compatible with the new PAS spectrometers. PAS spectrometers have been tested with all standard configurations on harvesters, integrated in production lines with process control systems, and as stand-alone systems. 

PAT solutions from Polytec

Polytec offers spectroscopic solutions for a variety of inline PAT applications - from incoming material control to manufacturing processes to quality control of the end product. Fast, robust and reliable near infrared (NIR) spectrometer systems make it possible to determine the chemical composition and concentration of materials non-destructively and in real time. This established technology is implemented in numerous industries for process control applications.