Checking tightness without contact

The quality of sealing surfaces has a decisive influence on connections not being ‘leaky’ in the long run. If this is to be achieved, the surface’s geometric properties must be defined as precisely as possible so that the intended function – in other words, “leak-tightness” – is fulfilled. Leaks can occur particularly if the contact surfaces’ form deviation is outside defined tolerances. This risk can be prevented by using Polytec’s surface measurement systems. Using these products allows you to characterize tightness not only in the lab, but also during production. Thanks to the contactless measuring method, both the form and consistency of the sealing surfaces to be inspected are maintained and the measurement results can be repeated at any time. The Polytec systems are easy to use and make for a fast analysis process.


Polytec 表面测量系统存在于所有操作中,必须严格遵守密封周期时间要求。这是汽车行业中出现特别频繁的一种情况,例如,在使用注射系统、压电共轨系统和压缩机的领域,以及用于一般的发动机开发。

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