Measurement service and rentals

Within our PolyXpert service program, we also offer professional and cost-efficient measurement support either at our modern Polytec laboratories or at your premises. We assist you with profound surface analysis of your engineered parts both during development and at production level. Use the latest optical measurement technology without investment and rely on high quality data, creating a deeper understanding of your product geometry, surface quality allowing feedback for your manufacturing process. Test our non-contact measuring technology on your specific case in feasibility studies or rent equipment, if you need to expand your capabilities.

All of our labs are set up for video conferencing for remote testing services allowing you to send in parts and join without the need for travel.

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  • Cost-efficient and demand-oriented use of the latest measuring equipment and laboratories w/o investment 
  • Video conferencing allows remote testing services
  • Non-contact, traceable measurement of both tiny microsystems <1 µm and larger precision mechanics 
  • 3D topography reliably measures form parameters such as step height, parallelism, flatness and roughness with high precision
  • Upon request even vibration-isolated test setups for inspecting microsystems and MEMS
  • Measurement principle works even in electromagnetic fields, on all materials including biological samples

Typical applications

In the field of high resolution non-contact 3D topography measurements, see these typical applications:

  • Verification of form deviations on micro and nanometer scale, e.g. for sealing surfaces with very detailed expectations regarding pressure and leakage, flatness, roughness and waviness
  • inspection of large samples with large field of view up to 45 x 34 mm in a very short time even without stitching
  • evaluation of surface finish providing a large number of ISO parameters for roughness and waviness
  • characterization of friction surfaces regarding wear resistance using the material ratio curve
  • evaluation of the surface finish quality e.g. measurement of roping for aluminum sheets
  • detection of undesired warpage of functional surfaces like electronics boards or circuits
  • measurement of step heights and parallelism of surfaces with large height difference up to 70 mm
  • thanks to the telecentric optical design, surface inspection in hard to access areas and deeply recessed surfaces such as depressions and bores

Quality control with TopMap optical 3D surface metrology

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