Polytec jumpstarts collaboration with Sartorius Data Analytics AB

Polytec jumpstarts collaboration with Sartorius Data Analytics AB

Polytec offers spectroscopic measurement solutions for a variety of routine analytical and industrial applications, from material testing to manufacturing process and product quality control. The specialist in optical measurement technology is starting a close cooperation with Sartorius Data Analytics AB in the field of process analytics. "In this way we can use the synergies between the spectral measurements and the data preparation, calibration model development and analysis software and therefore target even more challenging analytical measurement tasks," says Thomas Schaich, Head of the Business Unit Analytics at Polytec.

The measurement data recorded with the NIR spectrometer systems from Polytec can be easily imported into the Sartorius Data Analytics Umetrics® Suite in order to process it and create corresponding calibration models. In addition, Polytec process software PAS-SERV supports SIMCA-Q® prediction engine to carry out quick multi-parameter material analysis based on these models and to forward the results to the process control via various industrial interfaces.

“We look forward to working more closely with Sartorius and to bringing the strengths of our technologies together,” explains Thomas Schaich. "This enables us to address the customers that are already familiar with the comprehensive Sartorius Data Analytics software and help them to solve process analytical tasks with our versatile NIR spectrometer systems.

Therefore we can provide a complete package of NIRS instrumentation and statistical analysis software that may be exactly tailored for individual industrial quality control applications.”

Polytec offers an impressive product range of measurement solutions and we see great potential in our new partnership. A wide range of customers in many industries are using SIMCA® for building multivariate data analysis models and they can now also benefit from executing the models in a lab environment or making quick predictions directly with real-time process data” says Johan Hultman, Manager of the Embedded Solutions (OEM) and Partners Team at Sartorius Data Analytics.


About Polytec

Polytec is an established manufacturer of optically based measuring instrumentation, providing solutions to research and industry for more than 50 years. Optical spectroscopy for process analytics is one of the company's core competences. Polytec provides spectroscopic measurement solutions for a wide range of routine analytical and/or industrial applications, from incoming material inspection through manufacturing processes and final product quality control. Seamlessly integrated Polytec NIR spectrometer systems allows non-destructive and non-contact chemical ingredient analysis of raw materials and precursors, intermediates or end-products e.g. in food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. Relevant multi-parameters, such as active substance content, coating amount or moisture level can be measured in fractions of a second and thus the production processes can be controlled to reach the predefined quality. Polytec NIR spectrometer systems are particularly distinguished by their flexibility. Depending on the individual product and its properties, suitable spectrometer with a relevant NIR-spectral-range can be chosen. A set of specialized sensors (also ATEX) is available to meet the most diverse product specifications and installation situations. Integration of up to 6 different fiber-coupled sensors allows easy and economical realization of multiple measurement points, even at remote locations, with a single spectrometer on-site. The software packages for data acquisition, visualization and real-time industrial process control are available as well. Polytec also offers high-end OEM components and customer-specific spectroscopic solutions for system integrators.


About Sartorius Data Analytics

As part of Sartorius group, founded in 1870, the company earned sales revenue of more than 1.8 billion euros in 2019. More than 9,000 people work at the group's 60+ manufacturing and sales sites, serving customers around the globe. Sartorius Data Analytics are leading data analytics experts that help organizations in many different industries to get more value from their data using the Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions. These solutions help harness the wealth of data, identifying vital elements to improve the results from research, product development and manufacturing processes.



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