Post-processing software suite

With its clear user interface, PolyWave turns even beginners into experts. It is optimized for seamless processing of vibration measurement data and provides modules for experimental and operational modal analysis, order analysis and an optional automatic report generator.

Service tool Polytec Update

Download and install our service tool Polytec Update to receive the latest software.

Polytec Update

The easy way to vibration test data evaluation – PolyWave Post-Processing Suite


  • AI supported extraction of modal parameters
  • Geometry assignment for model validation of EMA and  FEA data
  • Become an expert with automatic parametrization.
  • One GUI covering all evaluations – ODS, EMA, OMA, order 
  • Handle large and complex data with ease
  • Comprehensive measurement reports in seconds for solid decision-making

Advancing the analysis of vibration test data

The seamless post-processing with PolyWave makes your studies with Polytec laser Doppler vibrometers more efficient than ever (especially for scanning vibrometers like PSV or MSA). PolyWave offers a choice of application specific modules:

  • EMA for experimental modal analysis
  • OMA for operational modal analysis which adds to EMA
  • ODS for evaluation of full-field data in time, order and frequency domain
  • ORDER for order analysis
  • REPORT for automated test report generation (enhances all modules)
  • Pre-Processing for filtering and optimization
  • Result Viewer for visual and MAC comparison between test and simulation

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