Full-field vibration measurement on small parts & microstructures

The MSA-060 Micro System Analyzer is a compact optical measurement system for the comprehensive assessment of the vibrational behavior of MEMS and microsystems, dynamics of precision mechanics and reliability of electronics. This entry-level solution helps identify resonance frequencies, vibration amplitudes and even visualizes operational deflection shapes on entire samples.

The MSA-060 is designed for full-field and non-contact vibration analysis, capturing true vibration dynamics from very small and delicate to meso-scale test structures. The powerful data acquisition VibSoft-PRO offers reference channel plus signal generator. The optional xy-stage allows for scanning entire sample surfaces, providing real-time vibration data with picometer resolution on an extended bandwidth from DC to 24 MHz.


  • Compact vibration measurement system with laser precision
  • Real-time response measurement up to 24 MHz
  • Picometer out-of-plane displacement resolution
  • Easy setup and documentation with integrated HD+ camera
  • Powerful DAQ incl. reference channel and signal generator
  • Scanning option with motorized xy-stage
  • Software for comprehensive data analysis and animation of deflection shapes

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Laser vibrometry focusing on the small details

Characterize small and delicate structures in a non-contact way. Analyze vibration, acoustics and dynamics. Measure biomedical samples, electronics components and microstructures like MEMS by light, without mass-loading, and from DC up to the GHz range on a large bandwidth. Laser vibrometers focus on the small details, measuring deflection shapes for model validation. They assess the frequency response and determine resonance frequency, impulse response and Q factor. No matter how big or small – Polytec vibrometers measure it!

Versatile, modular laser vibrometer with microscope optics

Benefit from professional data acquisition of up to 24 MHz, including reference channel, signal generator, even for stand-alone use. The modular and flexible system comes with a compact stand, yet works for optional and classic tripod mounting. The MSA-060 features different microscope objectives, working as an entry-level scanning system for both micro and meso-scaled samples. Keep full visual control with easy setup and test reporting with an integrated HD+ camera and its inline illumination unit, enabling best video quality and simplifying the definition of scan grids. Last but not least, benefit from the gold standard software in scanning laser Doppler vibrometry, using comprehensive data analysis and evaluation, a programmable signal processor, leading to intuitive visualization of measurement data and animated deflection shapes.

Accessories and components

Optical accessories

Bright field objectives for Polytec Micro System Analyzers
Bright field objectives for Polytec Micro System Analyzers

VIB-A-10xLENS 10x Microscope Lens

Providing a laser spot diameter of 3 μm at 37.3 mm stand-off distance.

Bright field objectives for Polytec Micro System Analyzers
Bright field objectives for Polytec Micro System Analyzers

VIB-A-20xLENS 20x Microscope Lens

Providing a laser spot diameter of 1.5 μm at 21.7 mm stand-off distance.

Vibrometer accessory illumination module with LED light
Vibrometer accessory illumination module with LED light

VIB-A-510 Illumination Module

LED light source providing a coaxial illumination of the test object. Highly recommended for use with the VIB-A-10xLENS / VIB-A-20xLENS Microscope Lenses.


Icon accessory
Icon accessory


Joystick for convenient manual control of the xy-positioning stage.

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