Whether in the morning in coffee, chocolate drinks and muesli or in cooking, alternatives to conventional cow's milk and cream are becoming increasingly popular. The switch to non-animal milk alternatives is very much in vogue, and not just among allergy sufferers, vegans and other nutrition-conscious people.

The increasing demand for milk alternatives that are considered healthy, such as almond milk and oat milk, is driving the expansion of agricultural land worldwide. Regional products are becoming more and more important in the eyes of the end consumer, which is why an efficient and high-quality production line with corresponding quality assurance is becoming increasingly important.  

With its near-infrared spectrometers, Polytec offers solutions for both conventional cow's milk and non-animal dairy products.

Depending on the raw materials used, specific parameters can be determined for quality control. For all non-animal dairy products, protein, fibre, ash, starch, sugar and NDF are important parameters for quality control. These parameters can be measured quickly and in a resource-saving way with Polytec's NIR process spectrometers.

While the per capita consumption of cow's milk has decreased in recent years, the consumption of plant-based milk alternatives is steadily increasing. Plant-based drinks are industrial products that can vary greatly in composition. They consist largely of water and appropriate seeds such as oats, barley, soy or nuts. Soy drinks are the classics among the plant-based milk alternatives. They usually have a similarly high protein, potassium and fat content. Regionally produced alternatives such as oat milk or almond milk are the best alternatives ecologically, as they are produced with a low CO2 footprint.

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What are the advantages of inline NIR spectroscopy?

Fast analysis results of several product-critical parameters

Optimized product quality for consistently high quality

Saving of valuable raw materials and their optimal use

Increased productivity: increase efficiency and reduce downtime thanks to fast analysis results

No sample preparation, no waste

No special knowledge required, simple sample presentation

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