Characterize Passive Components in Shorter Measuring Times

Continuous, smooth wavelength modification (sweeping) is a special operating mode used by tunable lasers as opposed to gradual modification (stepping). Sweeping mode allows for significantly shorter measuring times than stepping mode, e.g. during wavelength-dependent characterization of passive components. Sweeping also opens new areas of application up to you, such as optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR) or scanning laser OCT.

Phoenix – an Integrated Sweeping System

The heart of the Phoenix series is an MEMS-based tunable laser that enables extremely linear laser adjustment. Used in combination with an integrated wavemeter and a detector system, the Phoenix is a complete sweeping system that you can use to quickly measure wavelength-dependent parameters with outstanding precision. An external trigger allows you to synchronize it with other devices in more complex applications. The Phoenix systems are available both as a bench-top variant (model 1400) and a compact, integratable OEM module (model 1200).

  • MEMS-based, tunable
  • wavelength range: 1,515–1,565 nm
  • Integrated wavemeter
  • Two integrated detectors
  • Extremely linear sweeping

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