Xenon Strahler und Netzteile

Optical Sources

For almost 50 years, Polytec has been an established supplier for a wide range of optical sources such as laser and other light and radiation sources for scientific and industrial applications – either through using its own production facilities as a basis or as an exclusive distribution partner. Find your perfect product in the product lines listed below:

Fiber-Optic Measurement and Data Transmission

At Polytec, fiber-optic measuring technology is split into two fields: “fiber-optic sensing technology” and “optical telecommunication / fiber-optic measuring devices”.

Fiber-Optic Sensing Technology:

Fiber-optic sensor systems use specific optical properties of materials – and often even the fiber itself – to measure physical variables such as temperature, strain or vibration. Extremely flexible solutions can be created in this regard: they range from the single-point measuring system, over individually defined spots along the fiber, to continuously measuring systems with a resolution of 1 mm across optical fibers that run for kilometers. A single fiber weighing just a few grams can therefore contain thousands of sensors and serve as a signal path at the same time. Because light is used as the transmission medium in the glass fiber, applications that remain off-limits to electrical sensor technology – such as in HF and microwave fields, high-voltage environments, potentially explosive atmospheres, chemically aggressive environments and much more besides – are indeed a possibility.

Optical Telecommunication / Fiber-Optic Measuring Devices:

Working in close cooperation with leading international manufacturers, Polytec offers you a wide range of measuring devices and components for optical data transmission technology. The products on offer cover the areas of development, quality assurance and production, as well as field use during installation and maintenance activities.

Applications and the measuring technology required for the same range from fiber-optic cables for telecommunication, over light source signal analysis, to sensor technology used for temperature, strain or vibration measurement, for example.

Kompakte Industrie-Kamera für Infrarot-Anwendungen

Camera Systems for Every Application

Polytec covers a very wide range of cameras with its portfolio. These include all kinds of industrial applications, as well as research and development.

The wavelength range in this regard extends from UV, over the visible range, to far into the infrared range. Polytec provides you with all the relevant camera systems to complete a wide range of tasks: from simple machine vision sensors to the hyper-spectral camera system for remote sensing, and from the simple line sensor to the high-speed video camera.

Komponenten und Zubehör für Laseranwendungen

Your First Port of Call for All Laser-Related Matters

For 50 years, Polytec has been the contact for an extremely wide range of lasers, laser systems and laser accessories for scientific and industrial applications. And that’s either through using its own production facilities as a basis or acting as an exclusive distribution partner for the German-speaking market at the heart of Europe. Find your perfect product here in the product lines listed below:

The development and advances in semiconductor technology are based on the constant refinement of semiconductor structuring and ongoing improvements to the necessary measuring technology. Thanks to its many years of experience, Polytec is able to provide you with extensive advice in the field of semiconductor and photovoltaic measuring technology.

Characterize radiation the ideal way

Decades of experience in consulting and service forms the foundation of Polytec’s expertise in the field of optical infrared radiation measurement technology. Used to qualify and characterize optical and electronic components, the products can be found in research and development, production, quality control and service – either in laboratory or field use. The product spectrum ranges from individual components and sub-systems to complete electro-optical test and simulation systems. These also include testing and simulation tasks in both the visible and the ultraviolet spectral range.