Keeping tolerances tight in injection systems

Maximum precision and compliance with the tightest tolerances are essential for ensuring the energy efficiency of subcomponents and the injection system as a whole. To achieve this, it is necessary to determine not only surfaces' roughness, but also form deviation t, using high-precision instruments with a view to controlling a reliable and high-quality manufacturing process. And what should you use to complete these measuring tasks? The surface measurement systems from Polytec, of course! They are based on the principle of white-light interferometry and achieve extremely high nanometer resolution. They make “in-line” surface characterization - in other words, performing measurements during production - quick and easy for you. The results you achieve in doing so are traceable and comply with both national and international standards.


汽车行业对现代燃料喷射系统的需求非常高,以确保燃料能够以更清洁和更有效的方式燃烧。为了满足对注射过程与日俱增的期望,各个部件的表面必须以非常严格的公差进行制造。对此,Polytec 表面测量系统能真正发挥自己的优势。

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