Vibration Measurement

Measure on any surface including ultra light weight, fragile and hot:

  • From near to hundreds of feet away
  • From MEMS devices to very large parts
  • Frequency range from DC to 6 GHz
  • Single to thousands of measurement points

Surface Metrology

Non-contact topography measurements with optical 3D surface profilers:

  • Flatness, form parameters and more
  • Step-heights, cone angles
  • Roughness, texture, waviness
  • Parallelism

Let us help you with your measurement needs:

Field measurements like entomology for pest control with VibroGo
Measure on any surface incl. ultra light weight, fragile & hot
MIMO modal test setup with a Scanning Vibrometer measuring a brake disk and modal excitation by a modal hammer
Perform modal analysis or ODS with 1000s of points
Measure MEMS at ultra high frequencies up to 6 GHz
Vibration measurement as a service: here, a deflection shape analysis on an e-scooter
Measure on large objects
Measurement data analysis
Experimental modal analysis for reliability prediction on electronics and PCB
Modal analysis reliability electronics
Measure flatness and parallelism on large surface areas with nm resolution
Non-contact surface roughness measurement in an areal 3D profile
Measure roughness, texture, waviness

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Areal optical measurement of a coating, revealing 10 μm wide and 2 μm deep defects

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