Application note: Quality control in optical polishing

Polishing is a manufacturing technique for refining the surfaces of precision mechanics or optical components. Free-moving grains in a liquid polish the surface with the aim of minimizing surface defects and roughness. Find out here how white light interferometers help to ensure this quality and optimize the production process.

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Characterizing polished surfaces using 3D optical surface metrology

Here, optical and non-contact surface metrology hels the quality control of polished surfaces and gathers feedback of the entire polishing process. The TopMap Micro.View is an extremely advanced optical surface profiler for characterizing and measuring surfaces to international standards and traceable artefacts. Polytec's non-destructive coherence scanning (white-light) interferometers meet these high demands for quality control within the optics industry. The optical profiler is fully automatable, working in both the measurement laboratory and production environment, reliably evaluating optically smooth surfaces and superfinished glass components. With its high resolution and repeatability it measures a wide range of optical materials no matter if super finished shiny or grey.

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