Instant 3D beamforming in your hands

DynaBeam is a software module that generates a 3D model in real time for exceptionally powerful beamforming. During the regular recording process, the DynaBeam module records depth information from the optical camera. As your array moves, the Acoustic Camera tracks the absolute position of all the microphones, ultimately expanding the effective array size. Having generated a virtual array that spans the entire range of camera motion, NoiseImage produces an analysis that is a totally comprehensive 3D sound profile. The result has a far greater dynamic range than a standard array measurement, and with fewer processing artifacts.

As an added benefit, the variation in array position unlocks the ability to view and animate calculated directivity vectors. Rather than simply seeing the distribution of sound on a surface, you can see the way that sound propagates into the environment.

The 3D model is generated automatically once the measurement completes, without any manual fitting procedures or additional sensors. The analysis procedures and workflow are exactly the same as any other Acoustic Camera measurement, with all the signature ease of use that you can expect from NoiseImage.

DynaBeam is compatible with any Acoustic Camera which uses the RealSense optical camera, which is the standard camera for most current-generation arrays. For maximum mobility, consider using the Mikado handheld system.

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