120 channel system for beamforming and holography applications

This array can be used for beamforming as well as for holography (HELS and SONAH) applications. Depending on the chosen method, the recommended measurement distance is between 0 and 10 meters. The area of application is between 30 Hz for holography measurements up to 25 kHz for beamforming measurements. owing to the arrangement of microphones, near field and far field measurements can be conducted with only one array.

The array design is optimized to provide the highest spatial resolution as well as map dynamic possible given the number of microphones used. Additionally, the array design effectively minimizes partial reflections, sound pressure doubling effects on the surface, and resonance effects between the measured object and the array.

The microphones used are calibrated to ensure stable sound pressure levels (+/- 0.5 dB). The array is connected to the mcdRec data recorder via differential SymBus microphone connector cables. This technology allows for long microphone cables (max. 20 m). The array comes with two Baumer Ethernet cameras. The included high-end Manfrotto tripod allows a set up in almost any measurement environment imaginable. Array and tripod are supplied in a transport case and bag, respectively.


  • 120 microphones (72 or 96 microphone configurations available)
  • 95 cm diameter
  • Carbon fibre structure
  • 13-17 dB single map dynamic (CBF)
  • Holography (HELS and SONAH)
  • Beamforming
Fibonacci120 AC Pro side view

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