The Acoustic Camera command center

The mcdRec is a highly configurable data recorder designed to accommodate the high channel count and sampling rates necessary for quality beamforming. Featuring 9 cPCI slots, it can handle 168 differential microphone channels while also reading external sensors that might be required for your analysis needs. All channels are recorded synchronously at a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz, perfect for high-resolution beamforming. We have even anticipated the most demanding tasks, as the mcdRec allows for parallel operation of multiple arrays, and even additional mcdRec units if the required channel count is high enough.


  • Low noise
  • Extremely high sampling rate
  • Extensive EMI shielding
  • Upgradable card interface system
  • Plug-and-go interface for peripheral devices
  • Ethernet-CPU
  • 9 cPCI slots
  • GBit LAN external data transfer
  • ETH1 100MBit LAN only for maintenance
  • Fast and reliable
  • Power independent operating option
Data recorder mcdRec

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