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This data-recording device was developed especially for use with the Acoustic Camera. It facilitates high sampling frequencies and high numbers of channels but it is lightweight and compact at the same time.

In addition to the microphone signals, other parameters can be recorded in analog or digital format. The distinguishing feature of this data recorder is the scalability of the microphone channel number and the interface. The datarecorder is equipped with a wide-range AC power supply that allows operation around the world (from 90 to 240 V).

Parallel operation of multiple arrays is implemented as well as the ability to operate parallel mcdRec´s.


  • Low noise
  • Extremely high sampling rate
  • Extensive EMI shielding
  • Upgradable card interface system
  • Plug-and-go interface for peripheral devices
  • Ethernet-CPU
  • 9 cPCI slots
  • GBit LAN external data transfer
  • ETH1 100MBit LAN only for maintenance
  • Fast and reliable
  • Power independent operating option
Data recorder mcdRec

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